How to Pack Your Belongings for Storage

Storage Chula Vista


Once you’ve chosen a quality storage company, like GPS Moving, it’s time to make the most of what we can do for you. That starts with how you pack things, and making sure they get into a GPS Moving storage unit correctly. Thankfully, it’s not as overwhelming or as difficult as it may seem! With just a few simple tips, you can make sure all of your belongings are safe, and will end up damage-free and just as you left them.


So, if you’re planning on using storage in Chula Vista or Storage San Diego, keep the following tips in mind for a more seamless and stress-free experience, overall.


Choose the Packaging Containers


Take a look at the things you’re packing, and determine what type of storage container they’d be better suited for. Obviously, you want your belongings to remain damage-free. So, would they be better in a cardboard box, a plastic tote, or another specialized container? If you have fragile items, or just items that are extremely important to you, it’s always a good idea to take packaging precautions.


Protect Your Electronics


If you’re storing computers, televisions, or other large electronics, cover the screens with dust covers, and follow that up by covering them in bubble wrap. This will not only keep your electronics clean, but safe. This is especially true if you’ve got them stored with large pieces of furniture that can ‘bump’ into them and cause damage. Protect your electronic investments as much as possible.


Air Out Appliances


It’s important to clean and sanitize appliances like refrigerators and freezers before storing them, so no condensation, mold, etc., can grow while they’re in the unit. You can also leave the doors slightly ajar, to essentially keep ‘airing them out’ while they’re being stored.


Stop Stacking


Many people will try to stack their furniture within a storage unit to get the most out of their space. While you can stack things like lightweight chairs (with seat touching seat), it’s not a good idea to stack heavier furniture like lounge chairs, couches, etc. This can damage or compromise the quality of your furniture in a very short time, and you could find yourself extremely disappointed once you’re ready to use it again. Instead, think of other ways to save space, and drape your furniture with dust covers to make sure they remain damage-free and clean.


The Right Packing Material


Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, and other soft and durable packing materials are great to have when you’re making a move and keeping items in storage. If you have fragile items, like dishes, vases, etc., make sure to utilize every inch of space of the box they’re in by wrapping each individual item, and them sealing in the space around it with additional packing material. It may seem excessive at the time, but it will keep your most fragile belongings safe.


Storing the Safe Way


As you can see, most of these tips are fairly easy to do with just a little bit of prep work and time. It’s beyond worth it, when you consider what you’re storing, and how much those belongings mean to you. So, take a little extra time to make the most of your storage space experience.